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The No1 cause of death in a motorcycle accident is
a HEAD injury, the second is a CHEST injury.

IISafety of hit-air is verified

1. Overview of the test
...A drop test employing a crash-test biofidelic dummy was carried out to verify the performance and effectiveness of airbag jackets ("ABJ") for motorcyclists. Drop impacts were measured with an ABJ worn or not worn, and the latter case of the dummy not wearing an ABJ served as comparison base.

2. Date and place of the test
...The test was conducted on October 9 and 10, 2008 at the Sub-System test room in the safety research building of JARI in Japan.

3. Test Apparatus
...3.1. Dummy
...As the testing biofidelic dummy, a Hybird-3 AM50 model (hereafter "HY-3" or "test dummy") designed for frontal collision tests was employed. HY-3 had a body representing a U.S. average-sized adult male and was equipped with sensors built in its head, chest and other major body parts to measure crash impacts for the prediction of human body injury upon collision. Accordingly, HY-3 dummies simulate various human body characteristics including the shapes of the body parts, the distribution of body mass and motion of the joints. Each HY-3 stands 175cm tall and 78.3kg in weight. The test dummy had underwear on regardless of wearing or not wearing an ABJ. Figure I shows the appearance of the HY-3.

...3.2. Measuring Equipment
...Electrical measurements adopted in the present test to evaluate impacts on HY-3. A data acquisition system shows the appearance of the drop impact onboard measuring system, DIS-3000, employed in the present test. The DIS-3000 collects and transmits impact data from sensors to a personal computer which coverts the supplied data into physical quantity data.
...Additionally, a high-speed video camera was used to perform optical measurement of HY-3's behavior during each drop. The filming speed of the camera was set at 500 frames per second. A high speed video camera employed in the present test.

..3.3. Collision Deck
...In a free drop of HY-3, the impacts on its torso parts such as the chest and the back would be presumably moderated due to the landing of the limbs simultaneously with the torso. The test was therefore designed to exclude the effect of the limbs by making only the chest and back parts of HY-3 to fall onto a smaller deck having a rigid surface and measuring 400mm in length and 350mm in width.

..REPORT from accident survivors

..from Mr. H , Shinagawa Tokyo, Japan

II ..I have been riding scooters since I was a schoolboy - for about 35 years. They are convenient, but what I am afraid of is the possibility of falling down. Even if I am careful, sometimes an accident may happen on a wet or frozen road or on a sandy road. So as soon as I saw a motorcycle airbag, I bought one. About one year later, on a Sunday afternoon, rounding a curve near my home, a car stopped abruptly in front of me and I had scarcely put on the brake when I was thrown off the scooter .
and flying through the air. My airbag vest inflated instantly and covered my neck, chest and back completely before I touched down on the road. I did not feel a shock and after the air came out of the airbag, I took it off and I did not feel any pain on my body. Policemen came around and were surprised that I was not hurt thanks to the airbag jacket. I replaced an air-tube, and wear it whenever I ride on a scooter. I really feel that motorcycle riders especially motorcycle policemen, postmen and motorbike delivery service men should use the Eggparka to reduce the death rate of motorcycle accidents.

..from Mr. K , Hayama Kanagawa, Japan

o doubt that I would have I commute 27.5 km every day on a Suzuki Skywave 250 and had an accident but suffered only a slight injury because I wore an Eggparka. A policeman watching my accident by chance was impressed by the effectiveness of the Eggparka.

The speed was about 100 km per hour and it inflated fully while I was in the air and no shock was felt on the neck, body and head. After landing, the upper half of my body was facing upward and I felt that I was sliding on the soft mat. Without the Eggparka, I have no doubt that I would have suffered a fatal wound and I am very grateful.